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Data & Analytics

We integrate, analyse and visualise vital data, to enable data-driven decision making. It’s about gathering, sharing and using data in the right way. Ensuring strong governance. And unlocking its power to engage customers and increase sales.

Working together

Data governance

We make sure that Miele X uses data in the right way. Ensuring compliance and consent. Managing strong governance. And ensuring that the business has access to trusted and compliant data.

Data integration

We connect all the different data sources we use. So the whole system works smoothly. It’s about making sure all the data we need is always available. In the right format. And at the right time.

Web analytics

We help Miele understand how the brand and business is performing online. It’s all about knowing what’s going on. Understanding what works. And, just as importantly, what doesn’t. So we can continually improve how well we perform digitally.

Data visualisation

Our work’s about making data tell a story. Ensuring it can be used to drive important business decisions. So, we deliver information in the simplest ways possible. And make sure it’s useful, understandable, and users can get to the detail they need.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We’re always looking at new ways to convert more interest in our products to sales. So, our work is about looking at how we can improve efficiency and effectiveness. It’s about innovating, experimenting and implementing. And finding creative ways to engage customers and drive our business forward.

of our work

Creating a data framework

We need to ensure our data is compliant and trustworthy. So, we created a data framework to guide how we manage it.


This involved understanding how people across the business used data, then translating this insight into a transparent and robust framework that everyone could follow. Working together, we implemented it effectively to ensure we all treat data in the same way.

Creating Data Platforms

At Miele X, we need to ensure we have the highest quality data. This enables us to make data-driven decisions, so we can transform both our products and our customers’ experience. To provide the data we need, we used industry best practice to deliver a highly scalable, cloud-based data platform that unifies and consolidates a variety of sources.

Data visualisation

We use a range of dashboards to drive decision-making. For example, the SEA Dashboard gives us global insights on how Miele search ads are performing. The Campaigns Tracking Dashboard provides valuable data on digital campaigns in different marketing channels.


And the OwnWebShop Revenue Dashboard gives managers a view on global performance and shows where local improvements can be made.

Meet some of the team members


Head of Data Governance

Originally from Argentina, Camila studied in Buenes Aires and Strasbourg, before joining PWC as a Management Consultant, working across different countries in Europe and Latin America. She then decided to stay in Europe, spending three years working in banking in Dublin, Ireland, before moving to Amsterdam to join Miele X in April 2021.


Head of Data Visualisation

Umut is originally from Turkey, where he studied and started his career at ING, which included a short-term assignment in Amsterdam and studying in London. After 7 years at ING, he joined consultancy and developed his data visualisation skills working with a range of big firms. In May 2021, he returned to Amsterdam and joined Miele X.


CRO Specialist

Coming from Italy, Marta has studied business both in her home country and the US, while later often travelling to France for work purposes. Having worked at the digital headquarters of Lavazza Group and Illycaffè, she strongly focused on business growth and revenue generation, gaining valuable knowledge in customer journey, data & analytics and UX optimization. Marta has joined Miele X in February 2022 as a CRO Specialist.

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Data Engineer

apply until 31.12.2022

Technical Governance Specialist

apply until 31.01.2024

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