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Customer Engagement & Performance

Our work is all about understanding the customer journey across every touchpoint. So, to support Miele’s digital growth, we make sure our marketing is effective and delighting, turning every touchpoint into a trust-point.

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We’re all about the customer. Bringing Miele to life for them across all our digital channels. So, we personalise communications to turn touchpoints into trust points. Establish best practice and the right systems to go beyond their expectations. And roll these out to markets around the world.

Customer Data

We are responsible for understanding our customers and generating insight. We create and continuously improve a trustworthy consent management system that connects the most important touchpoints. Generating insights to give our customers convenient, personalised experiences.

Customer Experience

We’re all about listening to our customers - being where they are. From relevant touchpoints like appointment bookings, Technician visits or experience centres. Ensuring we take their feedback on board and sharing with the organisation to put insight into action, so we delight our customers.

CRM Engagement

We’re using advanced CRM systems to deliver great customer relationships anywhere in the world. From planning personalised campaigns to shaping global CRM content, we’re ensuring systems are leveraged, sharing insights and driving best practice to support Miele globally.

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Full funnel marketing

We created a full funnel marketing strategy to offer customers an enhanced Miele brand experience at every stage of their journey. By using behavioural data and sequential targeting, we understand customer intent and ensure relevant messaging.


Seamlessly integrating all relevant online and offline channels, platforms and markets, it’s adapted to deliver great customer experiences in each country.

Introducing a customer engagement platform

To deliver delightful customer experiences across all touchpoints, we introduced state-of-the-art software to strengthen our understanding of customer needs and preferences.

This enables us to create relevant communication, depending on where customers are in the lifecycle. And by working closely with Miele’s global teams, we make sure every campaign both reflects Miele values and suits local preferences.

Consent Management

To make consent management really customer centric, we needed to understand all the consents we gather at each stage, from each customer.


With a central consent management platform, we brought together all our consent categories, from marketing to surveys, over all our touchpoints, to unify at a single customer level. This enables data-driven marketing and optimisation of every customer’s experience.

Meet some of the team members


Project Lead Customer Experience

Tobias studied communication and information science and founded an online marketing and ecom agency as a student, which grew to 15 employees. He joined Miele in 2013, working across for social media, online and performance marketing projects, focusing on data-driven marketing approaches of Miele and joined Miele X in October 2020.


CRM Digital Activation Director

Originally from Italy, Mattia spent almost ten years in marketing at major global beauty brands, including L’Oréal Paris and Garnier. After this, he started his own real estate business and freelanced for a variety of high quality clients. He joined Miele X as a freelance digital marketer in 2020, specialising in social media, and joined permanently as CRM Digital Activation Director in January 2022.

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Guest speaker at various Italian Universities
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Keynote speaker: Bocconi University Milan

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