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Miele’s digital

We’re creating delightful consumer experiences and a data-enabled organisation. Building knowledge, establishing technologies and approaches. So, together with teams at HQ and around the world, we push our digital capabilities further and drive growth.

Our expertise

  • eCommerce
  • Data & Analytics
  • IT
  • Customer Engagement & Performance
  • Country Success & Knowledge
  • People & Engagement
  • Operational Excellence & Information Management
  • Digital Marketing


We’re all about offering customers a premium online experience. Creating a desire for our products. We cover everything from eCom strategy to going live, ideas and content to development, across our Webshop as well as Amazon and online partners. Making online shopping easy and fun.

Data & Analytics

We integrate, analyse and visualise vital data, to enable data-driven decision making. It’s about gathering, sharing and using data in the right way. Ensuring strong governance. And unlocking its power to engage customers and increase sales.


Join our IT team and you’ll be using the latest tools and systems to deliver a state-of-the-art digital customer experience. From the architecture behind our eCommerce platforms to front-end applications, you’ll help create a premium shopping experience.

Customer Engagement & Performance

Our work is all about understanding the customer journey across every touchpoint. So, to support Miele’s digital growth, we make sure our marketing is effective and delighting, turning every touchpoint into a trust-point.

Country Success & Knowledge

Join Country Success and Knowledge Management and you will enable Miele X’s mission, as the key interface between our expert digital teams and 50+ local markets. You will be the one-stop partner for the rollout of state-of-the art eCommerce and digital strategies.

People & Engagement

We’re developing and growing a diverse team of digital experts, by building an environment that enables them to thrive and actively representing them in our story. That means creating a Miele X experience to be proud of. Shaping an inclusive, development-focused culture. Attracting the high-quality, motivated professionals we need. Delivering engaging and effective communications. And fostering a welcoming atmosphere where they can move digital forward.

Operational Excellence & Information Management

At Miele X, we help make everything tick. From driving agile ways of working to creating an epic office life. Enabling hassle-free operations, being the central point of intelligence and providing cross-functional transparency. So everyone can focus on the expertise they bring and Miele X can operate smoothly.

Digital Marketing

We bring the Miele brand closer to consumers through delightful and seamless digital experiences. So, our agile and dynamic international team in Amsterdam works closely with Miele’s HQ teams in Germany to deliver world class communications.

Moving digital at Miele forward. Together.

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