Creating an environment where everyone can contribute

At Miele X, we’re building a team with many different talents, backgrounds and experiences to develop the innovative solutions that will drive Miele forward. And to do this, we’re creating an environment that encourages everyone to bring their expertise to the table, offer their ideas and opinions and work together to develop fresh new solutions. We asked some of our people to tell us about their experience of working here, and how our approach enables them to contribute every day.

Miele is a hugely successful global brand, so to create delightful experiences for its customers around the world, Miele X needs to understand the different countries and markets Miele operates in. To achieve this, we needed to create a diverse team that represents different nationalities, industries and digital experiences. Just as important, we needed to give them an environment that encourages them to work together, share ideas collaboratively and respect each other’s points of view.

Blending perspectives

Sana, a Content Strategist at Miele X believes that the most important aspect of working at Miele X is how our different people work together. “We have a fascinating blend of personalities, expertise, nationalities and languages” she explains. “And we all join together and come up with really great ideas. It’s all about challenging the status quo and finding areas of improvement that help drive Miele forward”.

Jinny, a Senior Knowledge Manager, agrees, adding: “We respect other people’s cultures. We respect difference and know that being different means just different, not wrong.”

Constant learning

For Anna, an SEO Manager, the way everybody at Miele X works together has another advantage: “Everybody’s very experienced. Very insightful. So there’s always the feeling of learning something,” she says. “It’s a mutual learning experience.”

For Camila, Head of Data Governance at Miele X, this is what makes Miele X different. “We all come from different backgrounds, from our own countries and our own industries,” she explains. “Everyone loves what they do. They’re really passionate about their jobs. And we all sit down together, bring our own expertise and share it to create the best outcomes. So, we’re constantly learning from each other.” Geiske, Conversion Manager Amazon, backs this up: “We’re all experts in the fields of marketing, digital and e-commerce. And with all this expertise, you can learn a lot from each other every single day.”

Open to different viewpoints

For many people at Miele X, it’s this combination of skills, along with the willingness of people to listen to other points of view, that makes it so enjoyable. As Mariya, an HR Generalist, puts it: “You feel that your voice matters and your feedback is always taken into account.” Sana agrees, saying: “What surprised me the most about the Miele X team culture was that when they ask for your opinion, they actually want to hear your opinion.”

For Camila, it’s “a really dynamic, international and open-minded environment.” And Dao, a Management Assistant, says this open-minded approach creates an atmosphere of mutual support. She describes Miele X “even though we come from different backgrounds,we are there for each other and tend to help each other.” Freek, a Performance Marketing Manager, agrees. “If you look at the different team members,” he says, “they’re all strong and unique individuals. But they’re all very willing to collaborate in a team.”

Better solutions

For Kapil, a Senior Product Manager, this collaboration leads to improved solutions. “It’s really nice to see that everybody is so focused to get things done,” he says. “We basically include everybody to get to whatever objective we are trying to achieve. Everybody brings their own flavour to the group and it’s just something that works.”

For Sana, this is ultimately what makes working at Miele X so enjoyable: “It really makes you feel not only part of the Miele X journey,but that the end result of any product you’re working on is a little part of you.”

What’s next? You decide.

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