What 'Immer Besser' means for Miele X

Miele is an iconic global brand. A family firm with over 120 years of history and a philosophy based on ‘Immer besser’ – forever better. For Miele X, our mission is to shape the digital future of Miele - together with our global colleagues. And to do this, we live and breathe ‘Immer besser’. We asked some of our Miele X team to describe what this means to them and how it enables them to constantly aim forward and achieve more.

For over 120 years, Immer Besser as a philosophy has driven the way that Miele does things. Now, it’s doing the same for Miele X. For Simon, the Managing Director at Miele X, "We’re creating delightful consumer experiences, while helping Miele to grow digitally. To grow in knowledge, revenue and connections to our customers. And we’re helping to establish new technologies and methodologies, share our knowledge, hands-on to enable our international organisation to be forever better.”

Barbara, our Director of Operational Excellence and Information Management, agrees, particularly emphasising the focus on customers: “’Immer besser’ means we will be continuously innovating. Always wanting to know what the user thinks and asking how can we improve? How can we make it better? In the end, to serve the customer in a better way.”

Achieving more together

As Geiske, a Conversion Manager at Miele X, puts it: “‘Immer besser’ is in our DNA. Nothing is set in stone, so that makes it very challenging, but also very interesting work. We want to improve ourselves. We want to grow the business. And it's important to do it all together.”

Camila, Head of Data Governance at Miele X, agrees that continuous improvement is all about working together successfully. “We want to be the best at what we do, and we work very hard to be always better, to learn from what we’ve done, to learn from our peers and really try to make the best out of it.” Dao, a Management Assistant at Miele X, agrees: “We’re all one big family,” she says, adding: “Even though we come from different backgrounds and nationalities, we’re together. Everybody wants to bring it to a different level and that's how we do it, together.”

Always room for more

Simon’s been impressed with how everyone at Miele X has embraced ‘Immer besser’. “It's amazing how driven they are to find new methodologies and ways to connect and collaborate,” he says. “Or new ways to interact with each other, Miele headquarters and the different markets and partners. And I’m particularly amazed by the passion they have for their work.”

For Freek, a Performance Marketing Manager at Miele X, this passion means focusing on the details. “If you translate ‘Immer besser’ into performance marketing, we're continuously running small improvements,” he explains. “Small tests to keep on maximizing performance.”

This emphasis on having an open mind and never being satisfied is an important element in our ‘Immer besser’ approach. Sana, a Content Strategist at Miele X, describes what this means for her: “It’s being confident in what you produce, but always understanding that there’s room for growth. There's always an opportunity to get even better.”

Meanwhile, Dennis, our Director of Data, Governance & Analytics, believes that ‘Immer besser’ is the reason why everyone at Miele X is so positive and engaged. “We always have a win-win mentality,” he explains. “Everyone wants to excel. And that’s a really nice mindset to be part of.”

Aiming for the stars

Enabling a brand that’s over 120 years old to keep on improving is a big challenge. But for Kapil, a Senior Product Manager at Miele X, it’s also a privilege. “This is a world-renowned brand,” he says. “And I have the opportunity to shape its digital future. That’s just fantastic. It's a thing of dreams.”

But it’s Anna, an SEO Manager at Miele X, who expresses best what ‘Immer besser’ means for Miele X: “Always optimise. Always be better. Always think outside the box. Don't stop aiming for the stars.”

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