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Luis Aguado joined Miele Iberia in 2021 to lead the new eCommerce team for Spain and Portugal. It was the first time the business in Iberia had had anyone dedicated to eCommerce, which gave him the chance to build his own team – and to start working closely with Miele X.

In 2022, his manager suggested a year-long secondment to Miele X in Amsterdam. Still working as the eCommerce Manager for Iberia, but also getting to know his Miele X colleagues better. “It was a great opportunity for me,” he states, “because all the elements we work on in Madrid start here in Amsterdam. It was a chance to understand the projects that the Miele X teams work on, what they create and how they create it.” We caught up with Luis to find out how it’s going.

Building relationships

Luis says working closely with the Miele X teams in Amsterdam has enabled him to build a number of positive relationships. “It's helped me to develop more projects in Spain and evolve the Spanish business,” he explains. One of the most positive aspects for him was the opportunity to collaborate with specialist teams who can offer digital skills and knowledge that aren't available to him in Iberia. “Miele X has different teams with expertise in data, CRM, performance marketing, e-retailers... Being based in Amsterdam means I have contact with all of them, so I have access to the solutions we need.”

During his time in Amsterdam, he’s already learned a lot and developed some strong working relationships. In particular, he says he enjoys the international nature of the teams at Miele X and their commercial approach. “There are colleagues from more than 40 different countries, representing lots of different cultures,” he explains. “During my career, I’ve never seen anywhere as diverse as this. It’s good to collaborate with so many different people, who all have different views and mind-sets.”

Global expertise, local application

This exposure to different thinking is already having benefits for his team in Iberia. “I believe a lot of what Miele X is doing is best practice, so it's good to be able to share new ways of doing things with my team.” It also allows them to develop effective local strategies that are specifically adapted for their market.

For example, in an area like campaign management, the Miele X teams in Amsterdam create the campaigns and design the assets. But Luis’ team has the flexibility to decide which assets they use and how to implement them, depending on the needs of their local markets. This means his team can call on Miele X's resources and expertise when required, while retaining control over how campaigns are implemented. “This kind of relationship is really useful for local market teams like ours,” he points out.

Putting it into practice

The benefits of the collaboration between Miele X and his team in Iberia were highlighted when he worked on the launch of a new eCommerce platform for Portugal and Spain. This was part of the global roll out of new web shop technology developed by the Miele X team. In the summer of 2022, it was time to launch it in Iberia. Luis says it was one of the first big projects he was involved in after he joined Miele, so it was a great opportunity to collaborate with the Miele X teams.

He explains that working closely with the Miele X teams during the project helped him to understand just how much work they put into supporting the launch of the live platform. In fact, he describes it as “the perfect collaboration. It showed how Miele X and our own team both needed to be involved. How it needed that perfect synergy.”

His team is already seeing the value that the new platform is bringing to the business, in terms of sales and customer experience. This was important, because they’d all worked very hard to gain commitment to the project from the Iberia business. And to see immediate, positive results from their collaboration with Miele X is a huge plus. “It helped us to recognise that in Miele X, we have a team of 200 digital experts who can give us creative commercial solutions and help us find better ways of doing things. So now, I say that in Spain, we’re not a team of three, we’re a team of 203.”





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