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At Miele X we really value having a diverse, multi-cutural team to help shape the digital future of our iconic global brand.  We look for people who are passionate, really love their roles and want to join us on our journey.  That’s just what Alexandra Ignatova, A/B Testing Engineer at Miele X discovered, dream roles do exist!

Alexandra was born in Siberia and has a Master’s degree in Computer Software Engineering. Before moving to Amsterdam with her partner, she worked as a front-end developer for a software company in Russia.

Moving to Amsterdam

Having worked in start-ups in Russia, Alexandra wanted to use that experience in Europe and chose Amsterdam as a base. She didn’t join Miele straight away, taking her time to settle and enjoy living in Amsterdam. She explains how she found her ideal role. “I was looking for a new role and to be honest it was quite challenging for the first few months in terms of a new language - living in Russia, I didn’t have a chance to practice my English that much. Also, the hiring process was a bit different than I had previously experienced. Luckily,thanks to Miele X’s amazing HR team, I found the perfect position for myself”.

Creating beautiful things

Alexandra explains what drew her to the role. “The role at Miele X is the perfect position for me as it sits between the web-development and web-analytics fields that I like the most. As A/B Testing Engineer, I am involved in the implementation and testing process of new features prototypes for Miele websites. It’s a very creative area and I love my job. I love creating beautiful things that make the digital experience more user-friendly.”

Collaborating with a great team

At Miele X, Alexandra is based within the eCommerce IT team, but her role involves a lot of collaboration across several teams. Alexandra feels the strength and experience of the Miele X team plays a big part in her enjoyment of her role. “I work very closely with our highly experienced CRO team and many other different teams such as the Data & Analytics team, QA & Automation, Frontend development, eCommerce Product, UX/UI, eCommerce Sales and the Digital Marketing team.  It’s not about one single team or person, I’m working with and learning from some very experienced and talented people who share their knowledge and it’s very interesting. We can see when things are working well and we trust each other.”

Successful women in IT

It’s not only the role and the impact she makes on user experience that is proving to be so rewarding for Alexandra. She is enjoying being a part of Miele’s international team in Amsterdam, in particular working with other women in IT, something she hadn’t experienced often before joining Miele X.

Alexandra explains the impact this has had. “I really like it, everyone sees the beauty in diversity here. In fact, I have never seen so many successful women in IT in one place. Miele X is really focused on hiring new people with different backgrounds and experiences. I think it makes our company culturally richer, and of course they bring a wealth of experience too. My colleagues proactively share their knowledge and so it is a great environment to learn as well. For someone curious in digital it makes every day at work very interesting.”

So what does the future hold?

Alexandra feels that her work so far is only the start of her involvement across the international side of Miele. Where could her role go next? Alexandra sees more beautiful things ahead. “As a data-driven company, Miele X is aiming to roll out our A/B testing culture across even more Miele websites in order to get more insights from the data. This offers more opportunities to improve the digital user experience and deliver our business goals. It’s a pleasure to see great work happening - everyone takes pride in the work we create together and that’s something so pleasing about our culture here. Now is just the beginning of the process.”

Why not join Alexandra and her team, as we create a new digital heritage for one of the world’s most iconic and trusted brands?  Check out our latest roles.

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