Inspiring and brave career choices - joining as an eCom intern after 9 years as an engineer

At Miele X, our internships are open to people of all ages and backgrounds, with very different work and life experiences, whether straight from high school, as an undergraduate or with work experience. People like Paulina Verdejo who, after nine years as an electrical engineer, took the brave decision to change careers and joined our e-commerce internship. We talked to her about why she changed and what she enjoys about the Miele X internship. 

I’m originally from Chile and when I took my degree in electronics engineering, I saw it as the best option in the careers market. But after working as a customer service engineer, I realised what I really enjoyed was problem solving and talking to people.

I wasn't finding Engineering as fulfilling as I had hoped and I’d had some marketing experience, producing a small magazine. I enjoyed the graphics side of it, so I started to study marketing on my own. Then I moved to the Netherlands and saw it as a good opportunity to change my career.

What attracted you to the Miele X internship?

The first thing I noticed was that Miele X welcomed anyone from any background and of any age onto their internship. This was very different to most of the other internships I’d seen.

The fact that they were opening a new digital hub was a huge opportunity as well. I could see that they were at the start of their journey and I’d be able to grow with them. Miele is also a very respected company, and I knew from my engineering background that they have a great reputation for developing quality products. So, it was a great opportunity to join a global, trusted family brand like this and be part of what’s behind those fantastic products.

What has your experience been like so far?

I started in March 2021 and the experience so far has been great. There’s a lot of learning on the job, which I enjoy. I’m given a brief and told what to do, then I go away and do it and present it back. It’s very flexible, so when the company needs something, I appreciate having the space to deliver it.

There’s no hierarchy and I feel like an equal, even as an intern. Everybody is very welcoming and patient and always willing to explain things to you. They also listen to you, so you feel confident in putting ideas forward and everyone shares knowledge and supports each other. It’s a great environment.

What do you enjoy most about working at Miele X?

Most of all, I like the level of respect – it’s obvious that you’re valued and that Miele X believes in you. I haven’t really experienced this before. For example, if we have a project and we all say we’re going to work together to deliver it, that’s what we do. You don’t have to check in all the time and nobody questions you on how you got there or wants to know what went on between the brief and the delivery. They really trust you and you feel valued. I love this level of trust because it shows Miele X want you to do things.  They really want to 'getXdone'.

Every day I feel motivated about what I’m doing. Starting again can be daunting, but working at Miele X has made it much easier for me.

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