How my internship has inspired my future career choice

At Miele X, we make sure that our internships have real value. To the business and to those doing the internships. Getting them involved in working with digital experts on a variety of live projects to gain valuable experience and an insight into our business. Tessa Schnepp is about to enter the third year of her Bachelor’s degree program in International Management in Leipzig. This spring she came to Amsterdam and joined us for a four-month internship. We asked her to tell us all about her experience.

What made you choose an Internship at Miele X?

As part of the second year of my International Management Bachelor’s program, we’re required to undertake a workplace internship abroad. I’ve always been aware of Miele, simply as my grandparents have always bought their products. So, when I heard about the creation of Miele X, I was fascinated to see how this heritage brand was going to grow its digital presence. And I wanted to be part of it.

I’ve just completed a four-month internship which began in April 2022, based in the Social Media team, working closely with the Digital Campaign team. I had the opportunity to support on a wide range of projects and campaigns, from raising awareness about sustainability issues during World Environment Day, to product focused campaigns and planning for Black Friday.

Becoming part of the team

My colleagues were supportive and welcoming, making me feel included from the start. The atmosphere is very positive, there’s a real start up feel to the business. Management is extremely encouraging. They believe that every voice matters, which helped me build confidence in my abilities and feel like a valuable member of the team. Everyone respects each other’s opinions and expertise and learns from each other. There are 40 nationalities at Miele X and working with such a diverse team has been invaluable in terms of my professional and personal development.

Miele X has completely changed my perception of work. Previously I was under the impression that work would not be somewhere that you would want to stay after the day was done. But at Miele X you want to stay longer with your colleagues and there are so many social events that really help you identify with your employer, the team and the brand. We were even doing sporting events and marathons together.

Rich and inspiring learning experiences

All the teams work closely together to create a seamless customer experience, so I gained knowledge of collaborating with different experts from other disciplines. I was given the chance to make an impact at Miele X and it gave me a huge sense of achievement to see my work on the social media platforms. Watching the audience grow and playing a part in that was fascinating and very rewarding.

I found it refreshing that I was able to get involved in so many different projects. The days were varied, and I was given insights into different programs that I haven’t used before, such as Facebook Business Manager. A personal highlight was being able to visit the Headquarters in Gutersloh, visit the Miele Museum there and learn about the brand’s heritage.

Looking to the future

The experience with Miele X has given me a focus for the future and I know now that I want to work in Digital Marketing. My studies in International Management are quite general, and you learn about a broad range of aspects. I enjoyed focusing specifically on social media so much that I have decided to study it at master’s level and I’m excited to pursue a career in this field.

I have one year left of my Bachelor’s program and intend to complete a semester in Spain, to study and practice the language. Living in Amsterdam, I was able to make friends with people from all over the world, so I’d like to go and visit them after my semester abroad. After that, I’m planning to complete a Master’s program in Digital Marketing. Living and working in Amsterdam has been such a wonderful experience, and I would love to see my Miele X team again in the future as well.

What’s next? You decide

An internship is a fantastic way to get to know Miele X. We also have a wide variety of exciting new opportunities available to experienced digital marketing professionals. Take a look at our current opportunities.

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