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Miele is a globally recognised brand, operating in a huge number of markets around the world. That’s why, at Miele X, we’re creating a team of digital experts from a variety of sectors, with a diverse mix of personal and professional backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. So, what’s it like to work in such a unique international team of digital specialists?

Walk into our Amsterdam offices and one of the first things you notice is the variety of different accents. Why? Because as a global brand, we recruit people from different countries, with diverse backgrounds and a wide variety of expertise. As Terri, our Head of UX/UI, puts it: “I’m surrounded by people that are very smart, from many different places of the world.”

Different life experiences

But it’s not just diversity in terms of nationality that sets our people apart. At Miele X, we look for people who can bring a wealth of experience from every part of their lives. So, our teams are full of people who have worked in various parts of the world, in different industries and companies, and bring their different experiences to our projects.

For example, Pascal, Global Digital Growth & Strategy Expert who leads our Strategy & R&D team, has worked with a wide variety of brands including Payback, O2, Ernst&Young, Google and BMW. He’s also moderated and presented at a variety of industry conferences and had articles published on topics such as marketing attribution models.

Similarly, Stefania our Senior Conversion Optimisation Manager, is an expert in psychology and behavioural sciences, having previously worked with brands such as Vodafone, ING and T-Mobile.  She’s been a keynote speaker at Tilburg university, Rotterdam University and Fontys, as well as won numerous international awards.

You can find similar stories right across our business. Kapil, a Senior Product Manager, who’s originally from India, but who’s worked in France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, believes this variety of people and experiences is our real strength. “Everybody is so focused on getting things done,” he says. “And we’re all part of the team. I really love that.”

Life experiences

Many of our team at Miele X didn’t start their careers in the digital sector. Instead, they gathered knowledge and expertise through different routes, which eventually led them to become digital specialists. This means that we can draw on a wealth of different experiences when facing a new challenge. As Mariya, an HR Generalist, points out: “People like to share their knowledge and expertise, and they’re just really fun to work with.”

Sometimes their backgrounds can be quite surprising. From Eray, our Senior UX Manager, worked in TV production in his native Turkey before he moved into web design. To Mattia, our CRM Digital Activation Director from Italy, who’s worked for major global beauty brands L’Oreal Paris and Garnier before setting-up his own real estate business.  He joined Miele X initially as a freelancer to set-up the Digital Marketing team at MXA and now has joined as a full-time permanent member of the team.

This variety of knowledge helps Miele X to develop different approaches to our work, As Freek, a Performance Marketing Manager, explains: “It’s a very diverse group of people. They’re all very experienced in different aspects of digital. And all that experience and knowledge comes together.”

It’s this unique combination of life experience, industry knowledge and digital expertise enables Miele X to help shape an exciting digital future for the brand, working with Miele partners around the world and HQ.

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