Developing a diverse and inclusive culture

To truly represent an iconic global brand like Miele, we work hard to create an inclusive, diverse organisation. One that represents the different markets we operate in and customers we serve. And a culture that encourages fresh ideas, opinions and ways of doing things. We asked some of our people what they enjoy about the culture at Miele X. And why it makes working here so different.

At Miele X, we aim to give Miele’s customers a delightful digital experience, wherever they are in the world. That means we’re always looking ahead. Inspiring each other to aim higher, so we create an exciting digital future for the brand that will support our growth ambitions. Launched in early 2020, we’re still a relatively young organisation, with an entrepreneurial vibe, so we’re developing a distinctive culture to achieve our goals. How? By bringing different people together in an environment that sparks their creativity and makes it easy for them to collaborate and innovate, both with each other and with all of our partners In Miele HQ and around the world.

For Freda, our Onsite Performance Manager, it’s the fact that we’re such a new organisation that drives the culture: “Nobody’s been here longer than a couple of years” she explains. “We’re here to create the way to do it – which takes conversations and different points of view and this really brings people together.”

These different points of view come from the astonishing diversity of our people.  Many people are amazed by this when they arrive. For Geiske, a Miele X Conversion Manager, it was a big surprise: “I've never worked in a company with so many nationalities,” she remarks, “so that's very impressive.” And this International diversity brings different ideas and opinions. As Barbara explains: “I think the diversity helps with getting different perspectives on how things are done. It's great that we have these different perspectives.”

Of course, It's the Inclusivity combined with the diversity of our culture that Is also crucial.  As Kapil, Senior Product Manager at Miele X says, "If I were to pinpoint one thing that makes Miele X special, it's the inclusiveness".  Jinny, a Senior Knowledge Manager, agrees “I think that we respect other people's cultures and are open for new things,” she says. "But we also respect that being different means just different, not wrong.”  Terri, our Head of UX/UI further support this "If you want a place where you can have an opinion, where you can change things, then this Is the place to be".

Mariya, an HR Generalist, appreciates this collaborative approach, because it gives her a chance to contribute to different projects. “We have brainstorming sessions where everybody gives their input,” she explains. “It’s really nice, because you feel included. You feel your voice matters. We have completely different backgrounds and knowledge, but we have this ability to tolerate each other and help each other.”

Freek, a Performance Marketing Manager, agrees that bringing all this different expertise together in an environment where people seek and listen to the opinion of others is a real strength for Miele X. “If you look at the different team members,” he explains, “they're all unique, strong individuals with experience of working in agencies or for different brands. But they’re all very willing to collaborate in a team, so all that knowledge and experience comes together.”  

All this collaboration has other benefits, too, as Anna, an SEO Manager points out: “Everybody's very experienced – very insightful. So, you always feel that you’re learning something. It's a mutual learning experience.”

And Stefania, a Senior Conversion Optimisation Manager, adds that these different nationalities and perspectives bring real dynamism to our approach. “I call diversity the catalyst for innovation,” she says. “It gives me so much energy. It's such a dynamic and challenging environment and the people are so driven.”

So, how do all these people from diverse backgrounds work so well together? Sana, a Content Strategist, offers a simple explanation that sums up how our diverse culture is driving our success: “We all come with different expertise, but our ultimate goal is the same. It's all about challenging the status quo and finding areas of improvement that make Miele as strong as possible in the digital space. That’s what makes Miele X special.”

What’s next? You decide.

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