Creating an environment with a freedom to experiment

At Miele X, our ’Immer besser’ philosophy means we’re always looking for new ways to improve what we do and how we do it. So, we’re creating an environment that encourages our people to experiment, share ideas and develop new approaches, so we can progress together. We asked some of our people what this means to them.

Digital innovation for a global brand

Barbara, the Director of Operational Excellence and Information Management at Miele X, believes that what drives our approach is our mission for the global Miele brand. “We’re part of a huge transformation for the total Miele group,” she points out. “We get to innovate, to look into new markets and audiences. So, we have the opportunity to create innovation for a brand that’s already been around for 120 years.”

Dennis, the Director of Data, Governance and Analytics, agrees. He explains that for him, it’s about “harnessing all the digital capabilities of a 120-year-old family company by challenging the way we do things.”

“Everyone is passionate about really changing and impacting the world of Miele” adds Simon, Miele X’s Managing Director. “It's marvelous how our teams are driven to find sustainable ways to collaborate and interact with each other, with different markets, HQ and our Miele X partners.”

Supporting rapid growth

Miele X was created in 2020, which means it’s still growing. And Seb, the Head Of QA, believes it’s the speed of the company’s evolution that drives the need for constant experimentation. “We’re pioneering new developments and constantly adapting to new needs,” he explains. “It’s about learning, adapting and applying new ideas. So, our team has the freedom to try out new tools and new ways of working that suit our purpose best. There’s no fear of failure, because that’s how you learn.”

Camila, a Head of Data Governance, describes Miele X as “a really international, open-minded and dynamic environment. We’re growing constantly and learning as we go,” she says. “So we have the freedom and liberty to try new things and to innovate.”

In the data teams, this involves lots of testing, as Dennis, the Director of Data, Governance and Analytics, outlines: “One of our data teams is focused on conversion optimisation,” he says. “This is about working with the other product teams to try new things out and see if they're successful or not. And if they’re successful, to then implement them.”

Anna, an SEO Manager says this drive to always find new approaches is what she loves most about working at Miele X. “Nothing is set in stone,” she says. “There's always something new to learn or test.”

Immer besser

The drive to always find new ways of doing things or new tools to use has a strong link to Miele’s ‘Immer besser’ philosophy. As Freek, a Performance Marketing Manager points out, it’s not always about making massive changes. “In performance marketing, we're continuously running small improvements, small tests to keep on maximizing the output of the performance.”

Anna agrees, saying that for her, it’s about “aiming for the stars. Always optimize. Always be better. Always think outside of the box.”

It’s an approach that makes Miele X an attractive place to work for Terri, the Head Of Digital UX/UI. “Whenever I talk to potential candidates about joining,” she says. “I always tell them, if you want a place where you can change things, then this is the place to be.”

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