Choosing the best place to live in the Amsterdam Area

As a brand, it’s hard to detach Miele X from our home city of Amsterdam. Modern, energetic, innovative – we can’t think of anywhere else we’d rather base our offices. As for our people – that’s a whole different story. We want the diversity that comes with a range of experiences and a range of backgrounds. Many of our fantastic team members commute into the city from the areas around Amsterdam, each of which have their own distinct culture and personality. We caught up with three of our colleagues to ask what they like about where they live.

The Hague – “An under-appreciated city”

Our Technical Privacy Specialist, Eugune, has lived in The Hague since he was in primary school, and saw no reason to relocate after he started working for Miele X. “I live fairly close to a train station that has a direct connection to Amsterdam, so it usually takes around 35 minutes for me to get to work,” he says. "And if I want to drive to other areas of the Netherlands, I'm close to a highway, so I can quite easily."

While The Hague is a thriving and vibrant city itself, Eugune enjoys the fact that it’s not as super-busy as Amsterdam. “Personally, I really like being able to live in an area that’s not so crowded,” he says. “But, due to the location, I can still cycle to the city centre in about 15 minutes - and in 25 minutes, I can cycle to the beach. It’s a lovely city – the city centre has a modern part, but there’s also a historical area, with smaller streets and cultural places to visit. Most tourists only think of Amsterdam or Rotterdam when they come to the Netherlands, but for leisure, culture, and location, I think The Hague is just as good, if not better.”

Utrecht – “It’s easy to get around”

For QA Engineer Soundarya, it was mostly the local school that attracted her to Utrecht when she and her family moved from India six years ago. “Utrecht was one of the places that had an International School for my children,” she explains. “We also knew people who live close to the area, so our children had some friends nearby.” But Soundarya discovered that her favourite thing about living in Utrecht was the convenient access to nature. “It’s a very green area – the back door to our house opens out onto a huge park, so the kids can just go out and play! When we have friends visit in the summer, it’s also a great place to have a barbecue.”

“It’s easy to get to the centre of Utrecht too, so it’s a straightforward commute to the office in Amsterdam,” she adds. “There’s a very good public transport system, so I can get from door to door in around 45 minutes.” And she says Utrecht isn’t just a convenient location for work, it’s also a great base for travelling further afield. “Everything feels so nearby. Utrecht has a main railway station, so it’s easy for us to get to other parts of the Netherlands – as well as other parts of Europe by car, too. We’ve driven to Germany, France, and Switzerland so far!”

Haarlem – “A little Amsterdam”

According to SEO Manager Anna, although she did consider Amsterdam when moving to the Netherlands with her husband seven years ago, it was the nearby city of Haarlem that captured her heart. “It’s not too big – it’s like a little Amsterdam. And it’s a very family-friendly place, so it’s perfect for us. Even the smallest restaurant will have activities to keep children occupied, a colouring book and pencils is the absolute minimum! But it goes right up to kids’ cafés – cafés dedicated to kids, with lots of activities.”

Anna also feels she has had an easier time finding friends in Haarlem than she would have elsewhere. “Haarlem has a big expat community, so you certainly don’t feel isolated - there are lots of people to connect to,” she says. “It also has a less touristy vibe than Amsterdam. We still get tourists, but it doesn’t have the coffee shop culture. There are lots of great museums, and one of the best food markets in the country. I’m a big foodie, and the restaurants are great here – we even have some with Michelin stars. It’s just a really nice city, with lots of green spaces. In the summer, we take our bikes to the beach - the route goes through a national park, so it’s a lovely 15-minute ride.”

What’s Next? You Decide.

Eugune, Soundarya and Anna have all found their homes in one of the vibrant and charming locations surrounding Amsterdam, all just a stone’s throw from the Miele X offices. Whether you like the bustling cosmopolitan, or the calm and idyllic - find your balance, and join us in creating a new digital heritage for one of the world’s best-loved brands.


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