"At Miele X I can really be myself"

At Miele X, our teams are made up of people from many different countries and backgrounds. We love the variety of ideas and perspectives they bring to our work. We talked to Kapil Mahajan, one of our Senior Product Managers about his background in India, building his career in Europe and the diverse culture at Miele X.

Early experiences

Before he joined Miele X in 2020, Kapil had a varied career. He tells us how his upbringing in India gave him the resilience to adapt to different environments, playing a big role in shaping the way he is. “My father was in the Indian army, so we moved around a lot as a family, which meant going to a new school every three years or so.  I got used to discomfort and change”. As he’s developed his career – in France, Luxembourg and now in the Netherlands – he’s continued to move around, but he’s always looked for opportunities where he would be accepted, just as he has been at Miele X.

Being accepted

“I’m quite a quirky character and there’s something about the culture at Miele X that means I can really be myself,” he says. This is demonstrated in a variety of ways. “I can sit quietly and get my work done. But when we need to have serious discussions, whatever subject needs to be discussed, I can be direct and to the point.”

He adds that the people he works with at Miele X really help with this. “I am surrounded by experts – data analytics, A/B testing, content, UX teams. They’re experienced people, so we have open and honest conversations at a high level to solve complex problems.”

Joining during the Covid-19 pandemic meant that it took a long time for him to meet many of his colleagues. But he says the culture means they’ve still made a lot of progress. “Even though I haven’t yet met everyone face to face, our working relationships are solid. The type of work that we’ve done without actually meeting is impressive and remarkable.”

Getting things done

In Kapil’s eyes, it’s the open culture that gives Miele X the ability to change quickly and get things done. “It’s an interesting environment, because you have an entrepreneurial approach, constantly shaping and tweaking our offering, with the ability do things from scratch. On the other hand, you’re attached to a global 120 year-old family owned company, that’s a premium brand.”

He says one of the aspects of his product management role that he really enjoys is solving problems. His product focus is on the Miele website – specifically, converting customers from the shopping cart to payment. “We are fundamentally redefining how ecommerce is being done at Miele”, he explains. “The challenge is in the complexity of making it simple.” And the ability to discuss things openly with colleagues is a real benefit. “You have to be on the side of the solution. That’s it. Simple. It’s a fun bunch of people and when we get to do more face-to-face time, it’ll be a blast.”

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