A warm welcome from day one

At Miele X, we aim to make everyone feel welcome from the moment they join us. Our structured onboarding process is designed to enable our new joiners to be happy and successful from day one – even if they are working from home. We talked to some of our new colleagues about their experience of joining Miele X.

Having a structure to our onboarding process really helps people to feel part of both the business and their team from day one. It all starts with a welcome email detailing their first week’s schedule, which includes a welcome coffee with their manager, and an office tour. We also try to make it fun by including an interactive onboarding game that helps them to settle in. Then, during the first week, they have a number of introductory presentations. These cover everything from the Miele group to learning and development, procurement processes and HR systems.

Liubov, who joined us as a Frontend Architect, appreciated this. “I really liked how everything was prepared before my first day,” she says. “I already had planned introduction meetings in my agenda with relevant people from different teams - that really helped.” She also appreciated her structured onboarding week, which introduced her to different aspects of our business. “It was well prepared and provided good information about the company, way of working and HR related topics.”

As part of our onboarding, we also organise for new joiners to meet – or have a Teams call with – all the key people they’ll be dealing with from day-to-day. This ensures they feel part of the team straight away. For Umut, our new Head of Data Visualization, this really helped: “For me the intro calls were very well organised. In two weeks, I met all the key people I was going to work with. So, it was a smooth integration into the company.”

We also organise a buddy for new people, who can answer any questions. And the collaborative atmosphere at Miele X means that colleagues across the business are always happy to help anyone new to settle in too. As Eray discovered when he joined us as a Senior UX Manager in 2020. “Everyone was eager to help get me on board,” he says. “As soon as I joined, my calendar was quickly full of people who wanted to meet with me and say hello. Not just immediate team members either, it was a very welcoming experience.”

Like Eray, Freda joined Miele X during the Covid pandemic as an Onsite Performance Manager. She wasn’t sure how it would work as, like many people who changed jobs at that time, she’d never joined a company remotely before. But that didn’t make it any less enjoyable, as she explains: “I didn’t have to worry that maybe I was going to be sitting behind my computer all day and nobody even knowing that I was here. The first week was entirely prepared up-front.”

Another thing Miele X does for people’s first day is to organise a personalised welcome pack for them. Usually, this is left on their desk, but during the pandemic, we sent them to people’s homes. Freda really appreciated this personal touch and says it helped her feel like part of the team from the start. “They sent me flowers up front, chocolates and a card! I immediately felt like Miele X was a company that was excited for me to be joining and really wanted to give me a positive first experience.”

Umut agrees: “The package delivered with a nice bouquet of flowers made me feel cared about,” he says. And as someone who was moving to the Netherlands from another country, he also appreciated the support he received from the HR team. “They were so kind to support me on registering in Amsterdam and they were there whenever I needed.”

For Dennis, our Director of Data and Analytics, his introduction to Miele X reflected the positive energy of the whole business. He sums it up like this: “When I got in, all the equipment and some merchandise was already there on the desk, ready for me. And they had a very well-thought-out onboarding program, where you started meeting all kinds of people. Everyone really wants to make a positive difference.”

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