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This is where we shape the digital future for Miele X. By investigating the latest online trends. Experimenting with new tools. And setting strategies that drive us forward and enable us to consistently deliver better customer experiences.

of our work

Commercial Operations 2030

We’re always looking ahead. And with this project, we’re building a picture of consumer behaviour over the next decade and how it will impact our company.


Inspired by data, we’re exploring models to predict and adapt constantly on changing environments. Identifying new opportunities on how we can make the digital experience of our customer more delightful. And to be present where our customers will be expecting us.

Digitalisation 2030

The digital world’s full of buzzwords and new trends. But Digitalization at Miele is all about getting things done in an easier and faster way. As a customer as well as an employee.

Digitalization is about removing barriers. And adopting tools and technologies. Building up knowledge from the skills we’ll need, to how we accelerate what’s working across all Miele’s teams in different markets, globally.

Meet some of the team


Global Analytics and Data Expert

Originally from Portugal, being raised internationally led Nuno to learn seven languages. He started his career in management consulting for international companies, before he moved into data, analytics and strategy, working with brands such as Google and Facebook, enabling them to use data effectively in campaigns and decision-making. He joined Miele X as a consultant in 2020 and became a permanent team member in 2022 as Global Analytics & Data Expert, and also supports Miele X as Data Protection Officer.


Global Digital Growth
and Strategy Expert

Pascal has over 25 years of experience, pioneering digital innovation and execution, working with brands including Payback, O2, Pro7, Ernst&Young, AOK, MediaMarkt, Google, BMW and Daimler Benz. He’s moderated and presented at Search Engine Strategies SES, Search Marketing Expo SMX, PubCON, a4u Europe, Friends of Search, Internet World and Funnel Conference. He’s also had articles published on topics such as marketing attribution models. He joined Miele X as a consultant in 2020 and in 2022 became a permanent member of our team, heading up the Strategy & R&D team.

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At Miele X, we aim to give you all you need to thrive with us. From a warm welcome to fantastic offices.