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At Miele X, we make sure that our internships involve working with digital experts on a variety of live projects to gain valuable experience and an insight into our business. We asked Sanja Mayer, our intern in the digital campaign team to tell us about her experience. Sanja completed a Bachelor’s degree in International Management in her home country, Austria, with placements in Mexico and Canada. Last summer she moved to Amsterdam, where she is now doing her Master’s degree in Marketing at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

How did you find out about Miele X?

In the first semester of my Masters I took a digital marketing & technology course, which included a case project with Miele X. We had to come up with an idea of how to use digital touchpoints to align consumer values with Miele’s brand values and increase brand consideration. In the end, I was on the winning team which had the opportunity to present to the senior leadership team at Miele X. The project was challenging and fun at the same time, which sparked my interest in the business and why I applied for an internship.

I started my six-month internship in April 2021 in the digital campaign management team, supporting various global digital campaigns. Currently, I am focusing on a campaign for the upcoming Black Friday, which involves everything from creation, execution, and evaluation. We work closely together with other departments of Miele X and Miele HQ to deliver a delightful consumer experience.

Feeling part of the team

Miele X cares a lot about their employees and their wellbeing. Because of the Covid pandemic, I was first a bit worried that I would not feel part of the team since everything took place mostly remote. However, since day one – in fact, even before day one – the team was really welcoming, making me feel valued and part of the team.

The current home office situation, without the typical office interactions, is challenging for anyone, however we try to talk and connect with other members of our team as much as possible throughout the day. We have also had lots of team-building events and even a summer party – all online. It is these little things that remind you that you are not on your own and part of the team. 

Great learning experiences

The team at Miele X is very diverse, with lots of different nationalities from all over the world. They are all very talented, which is really inspiring for me, I am learning a lot so it is and definitely help me in my professional development. Especially the frequent workshops that take place with all different departments, showcasing their work and sharing their knowledge, which are very interesting and stimulating. Everyone is very open and ready to answer any questions you may have – even about subjects that might not be directly relevant for your own role.

Looking to the future

The digital world is changing constantly, and seeing its importance, I would love to continue my career in digital campaign production, with focus on global digital strategy development. The team at Miele X is expanding so fast – it is really fascinating to see how quickly an organization can grow, and even more amazing to be part of it.

My internship is almost coming to an end and I can say I have truly enjoyed it, so I would definitely recommend an internship at Miele X to others – I can even say I would love to see myself coming back after I have finished my master’s degree!

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