Enabling a global e-commerce organisation through content

Building consistent content capabilities for an iconic brand like Miele is a major challenge, especially across over 50 countries at a global and local level. Miele X was established as the global digital sales and marketing hub for Miele, responsible for shaping and driving the digital future for the brand. Content is one of the key elements within this strategy.

We talked to Roos Lesmeister, Head of eCommerce Product and Adam Chang, Senior Product Manager, Global eCommerce at Miele X. Before joining Miele X, Roos started her career in fashion but quickly realized she really enjoyed being involved in building e-commerce propositions, so then focused her career on improving digital experiences, spending over 14 years since working in the marketing & digital fields for high traffic e-commerce & publishing platforms.  Adam worked in the Netherlands and Australia in e-commerce and online merchandising roles for retail brands. They were both attracted to the diversity of Miele X and the creative potential of working with digital native experts for a global brand in an entrepreneurial digital environment.

Delivering customised content in-house

Many global organizations face the challenge of producing great content that supports their brand, while allowing the customization needed at a local level. Miele is a marketing driven business and was already producing campaigns and microsites.  So, what changes were needed for this to become more efficient - and consistent - across the business? 

The answer, as Roos explains, was to bring this in-house. “We want to do it in-house, in scalable and reusable ways so that we can be more efficient and also create more options for the countries as well. What we’ve done is build a component library which we use as building blocks for the website. Every component consists of different pieces of content, for example showcasing products, adding a title, brand images and pricing. And we’ve built many different types of components so now within Miele we can build consistent web pages with a premium brand feel. We can also customize it towards the country, because every country also has different levels of brand awareness of Miele, different best-selling products in different categories, or different maturities in digital penetration.”

Consistent digital touchpoints

Many businesses will find that they want to be able to customize content at a local level, but ensure quality and consistency at a global level. Adam explains why it’s so important to get this consistency right for both the business as well as customers. “The front-end experience is very important for Miele as a brand, especially as a premium brand where we want consistent communication across all our digital touchpoints, as well as across multiple platforms too. And our component library is the foundation and an accelerator to realize this.  It  creates the basis for us to build inhouse consistent but relevant country specific content pages. With every design decision we're making, we're constantly reviewing against the style and brand guide, and considering the impact of making decisions. So it's intricate, it's independent, but it's also very interlocked at its foundation.”

Freedom within a framework

So, how does the process work when no one market is the same and with different customer user groups? Adam gives an example. “There are nuances in markets. For example, in Germany we are very well known for washing machines, but in the US we are known for kitchens. We are building more data on understanding customers and building multiple versions of our most popular campaigns. So, when we are piloting a homepage using the new component library, we can choose components with our partners in the countries and in collaboration with our colleagues in UX.” Roos refers to this as ‘Freedom within a framework’. “We set a clear framework. We have a very high quality brand, expectations, and guidelines, but we also want to give some freedom to create customized solutions that are extremely relevant in local markets with the end customer.”

So, what does the future hold?

The future is full of possibilities for the iconic brand. As Roos explains. “Miele is a beautiful brand with a lot of heritage, and I think there’s still so much potential and so much more impact we can have on the digital journey.” Adam feels the Miele infrastructure has given Miele X a head-start. “So often starting from scratch, it takes a lot longer to accelerate, but I think we're in a great position to modernise our technology capabilities, build new capabilities for our consumers, and enhance that experience through content.”

Why not join Adam and Roos and their team, as we create a new digital heritage for one of the world’s most trusted brands?  Check out our latest opportunities.

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