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Ensuring that an iconic global brand like Miele gets the best returns from its marketing budgets around the world is a major challenge for our marketing teams. We talked to Sander Heussen, the Head of Performance & Analytics at Miele X about how his team is introducing new technologies on a global scale. Sander is originally from the Netherlands and has worked with Medion, Office Depot and Sunweb Group, helping them to develop their in-house digital marketing capabilities. His role at Miele X involves making sure that the business gets the most from its paid search, search engine optimisation and display advertising, globally.

Miele operates in 50 different markets around the world, with local marketing teams and agencies, at different stages of market development. Sander explains that this presented his central team with a major challenge. “Potentially there could be a lot of different approaches and technology platforms. For our central teams, the challenge was to understand what was working and how we could create efficiencies globally”.

 “It is important that our local teams retain their sense of ownership and autonomy, managing their own activity, whilst at a global level we can get the very best out of the tools that we’re using.

Creating a global framework

To assess the situation in each of the different markets, Sander explains that his team is auditing the digital marketing activities for the performance marketing channels, to understand what the needs are, as well as the tools being used.

To ensure local teams have access to the best tools they needed to support their work, Sander’s team introduced a best practice framework. This is enabling them to share results and approaches. “We want to ensure everyone’s using the best platforms and single accounts,” he says. “This will enable us to understand what works. At the same time,  the local markets are empowered by adding to their skills and resources..” As such our framework covered areas such as campaign tracking, paid search campaigns and organic content optimization.  Some of the tools introduced globally include Searchmetrics, Socialbakers and Google Analytics.

Tracking performance

Working with so many teams in different markets and more than 20 different marketing agencies, one of the major challenges for Sander and his team was getting insights into global spend and performance. This insight is needed to help the local teams improve the efficiency of their spend.

“We wanted to understand how we could make more of an impact in our markets,” he says. “So, we needed to gain more transparency globally on activities, to share insight and enable local teams and their agencies to optimise campaign management. To achieve this, his team introduced global systems to track campaign performance. As he points out, “if we can’t track it, we can’t improve it.”

Moving forwards

With global and local marketing data at his fingertips, Sander’s now looking at how his team can use it to make a bigger impact in the future. “We have a global plan that combines experience and expertise, supported by local marketing insight,” he says. “So, as a central team we offer advice, share best practice and focus on the future, whilst the local teams can focus on their markets.”

This future focus is a major part of his role. “We’re always asking big questions: What do the business and local teams need? How can we support local teams to grow efficiently? How can we get everyone and everything talking to each other? How can we get better?”  It is within our Miele Immer Besser philosophy to continually improve.

Improving how we use MarTech globally

Looking to the future, Sander explains that they will be looking at “marketing technology solutions that provide capabilities to improve on digital media buying and marketing automation, as well as increase our opportunities to reach more (new) consumers”. By making use of global solutions that provide economies of scale and deliver value to local marketing teams, the team want to drive more sales globally.

He explains that by applying continuous improvement, the team want to be able to test and learn in an effective way and be able to upscale activities to a global scale. “Finding solutions that help us in doing so, delivering results in the short term and being able to grow with the business needs is a challenge, but at the same time, this is also what the team is here for. Our role is to ensure we select the right solutions to Get X Done”, he says.

He emphasises that as part of his role shaping the future of the iconic global brand Miele, “There are huge challenges, but fantastic opportunities!”.

Why not join Sander and his team, as we create a new digital heritage for one of the world’s most trusted brands? Take a look at our latest opportunities.

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