"Building up something special"

Freda Stone is our Onsite Performance Manager in the global digital hub at Miele X. Originally from Cork in Ireland, Freda has lived in Amsterdam for 7 years and previously worked for Jacobs Douwe Egberts. Joining us in February 2021, right in the middle of life in lockdown, Freda shares her story about how she found Miele X, what her onboarding was like and what’s she enjoys most about working here.

How I discovered Miele X and why I joined

Freda explains what interested her about Miele X and how she joined. “I saw the role on LinkedIn and found the idea that this long-established brand had a new digital hub really intriguing. Miele X had gathered these online experts together to bring the Miele brand to a next level online. They are really building up something special here - and it’s cool to be part of something with a long history too. I like the mix of tradition and new.”

On-boarding in lockdown

Like many people changing jobs in the pandemic, Freda joined us remotely but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable. She described how it all worked out. “The HR team did a fab job at onboarding. I immediately felt like Miele X was a company that was really excited for me to be joining and wanted to give me a really positive first experience. The flow was super, I'd never had a job before where I was joining in an offline setting and it was quite a daunting task, but they sent me flowers up front, chocolates and a card! I didn’t have to worry that maybe I was going to be sitting behind my computer all day and nobody even knowing that I was here - the first week was entirely prepared upfront.”

Building experiences together

Freda feels that the way she joined quickly helped her to get to know her team. “I wasn’t the only new starter and it was really good to check-in with everyone else and share our experiences. That was really positive for me and then again, a month later, we had another check in asking ‘how are you doing now, has anything changed?’ I was very lucky because I started with another two girls who were on my team. So, we were the entire team at that point. And that was really nice because that meant we were building things together. We relax too with our Friday coffee calls and we see how we can help each other.”

The connections I’ve made really help

Freda’s smooth onboarding also helped her feel relaxed about reaching out within the business to ask for help. As she explains, “Everyone has been so helpful it’s helped me to have the confidence to ask when I need someone to bounce ideas off. I shoot them a mail and say, can you jump on a call with me here to discuss about what I should do? And once you have a connection with people, it makes it a lot easier. You feel that comfort level because we’ve invested time in getting to know each other in a social aspect as well.”

Creating a culture to flourish

Miele X is a young organisation and our culture is still forming but there's a real focus on bringing us together. Freda talks through her experience of this. “I think a lot of energy comes from the HR and the management team. They arranged drinks and a summer party too and other events, but most important, they make time for us all to meet up. It’s a nice warm space with a good culture and team spirit to flourish. It’s also by far the most diverse company that I've worked for with people from all different types of backgrounds. And it lends itself to really interesting conversations and no one line of thinking. One of the other really positive things about Miele X is that nobody has been here longer than a year and a half. We're here to create the way to do it - which takes conversations and different points of view and this really brings people together. Everybody is out to help make this something great.”

Working in the Zuidas district in Amsterdam

Working in such a sociable business, Amsterdam is the perfect place to enjoy life outside of work. Freda is looking forward to more of this in the future as she explains. “Now that we are meeting more often, we are really making the most of being in the Zuidas area. It has great restaurants and cafes, but also a really strong after work social culture. You get to know where different companies hang out and we are just starting to see it come alive again, and that’s another reason to be excited about working with Miele X as we are based right in the middle of this area. It makes having a rich community and social circle so much easier when everything is so close.”

Why not join Freda and her team, as we create a new digital heritage for one of the world’s most trusted brands?  See our latest opportunities.

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