Adopting a continuous improvement approach to partnership with Amazon

The rise of platforms like Amazon has transformed the retail landscape – for vendors, as well as customers. Here, Daniele Belloni, the Head of Channel Management (Amazon) at Miele X talks about what that means for the business and its on-going relationship with Amazon.  Daniele, originally from Milan, moved to Amsterdam in 2017 and previously worked for HP, AVM and Omron.

“Miele and Amazon are developing a strong working partnership and the way the Amazon platform has developed means we use it for far more than just sales,” says Daniele. In fact, Miele is using Amazon as a communications and marketing platform, as well as for sales. This is all linked to Amazon’s claim to be the most customer-centric company in the world.

But, as Daniele points out, customers are changing all the time – people grow and change their behaviour. So, to keep up with these trends, Amazon needs to stay agile, too. And, as they open up new warehouses and distribution centres to reach their customers, they need to work with vendors who are equally agile.

The impact of feedback and reviews

“On Amazon we can see what people are saying about our products through reviews,” he points out. “So we need to keep an eye on the feedback and improve our service and products in line with what people are saying.” This access to customer feedback is invaluable in informing the way that Miele develops its products. They look out for bad feedback, so they can understand the issues and address them as quickly as possible. This doesn’t just apply to addressing specific customer issues. Daniele says they also use Amazon customer reviews to improve their existing products and even to feed into new product design, in line with Miele's "Immer Besser" philosophy.  “It all helps to ensure that future reviews will be good,” he explains. “Name one other platform where we can get this level of real time insight.”

Sustainable agility

One of the key areas in this is sustainability, because Amazon have made a climate pledge that all their vendors need to sign up to. Daniele explains that for family-owned Miele, sustainability has always been a key priority.  In fact the vision is to make Miele the most sustainable company in the industry, and make sure people see them as such.  That's why Miele has been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2004.  It Is committed to the ten universal principles of the agreement.  For Amazon, this means customers also seeing Miele as a sustainable brand through customer reviews. 

Supporting our global expansion

As the global partnership grows month by month, Daniele believes it can help Miele to strengthen its presence in particular global markets. For example, while the business continues to build its presence in Europe, it also sees huge potential in the US, and it also wants to grow in markets like Australia and Canada. “Amazon plays a key role in this” he says, “so we’re looking to build an even stronger relationship with them. To support this approach, we recently started direct conversations at board level.”

Why not join Daniele and his team in making sure that we get the very best out of our strategic partnerships like Amazon? As we work together to create a new digital heritage for one of the world’s best-loved brands.

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